Meet Keith Rippy
Keith Rippy

As a dedicated businessman and community leader, I am running for Cedar Rapids City Council 3rd district because there is no other place that I have lived where people come together to help one another in the way that we do in our community. I experienced this generosity first hand during the flood of 2016. People I had never met before showed up by the dozens to help sandbag my home to protect it from the impending flood. That is the Cedar Rapids I love and would be honored to serve.

It’s important to me that we have strong neighborhoods to live in by continuing to promote our schools, social and cultural diversity. I will help continue the improvements and progress we’ve started.

Several years ago, I was on a task force to help Haitians develop a civilian police force – the first in the nation’s history. I spent 18 months in Haiti building a successful team. Our team was made up of individuals from all over the world from many different backgrounds. By working together, we built a police force of 7,500 with infrastructure throughout the country that is still successful to this day. I will use my background working with individuals from diverse backgrounds to support Cedar Rapidians working together toward the continued growth and progress of our community.  

Throughout my career, I have served as a leader and mentor. My proven experience in problem-solving, focus on quality and budget management make me the right fit for Cedar Rapids and the 3rd District. I will work hard to be a clear, strong, decisive voice for the 3rd District.

I PLEDGE to grow and maintain diverse,quality neighborhoods with active neighborhood associations, and strong schools. If elected, I will visit each school in the 3rd district meeting with parents and teachers to listen to their ideas regarding how we can improve neighborhoods and schools. I will collaborate with parents, teachers and school district leadership to formulate cooperative solutions that benefit Cedar Rapids families.

I PLEDGE to ensure a safe city where families can thriveI am an active member of the Cedar Rapids Public Safety Committee and Civil Rights Commission. I will leverage the partnerships developed through these initiatives, together with community input to ensure we continue to improve safety in all our neighborhoods. By working together, we can ensure ALL Cedar Rapidians feel safe and secure regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

I PLEDGE to work with the business community and the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance to continue to makeCedar Rapids an attractive place to do business.One of my first acts as a member of the City Council will be to lead the creation of a task force for small businesses and entrepreneurs to keep local talent in our community and grow small businesses that make Cedar Rapids a thriving economic center; and

I PLEDGE to drive efforts to ensure continued momentum oflood protection efforts, including focus on improving our streets and sewers. Although federal and state dollars will likely support our flood prevention efforts in the long-term, we can no longer wait until that happens. I will collaborate with other city leaders to identify and secure alternative funding sources to implement flood protection for the immediate future.