Cedar Rapids, Iowa — Keith Rippy, CEO of Area Ambulance Service announced today that he is running for Cedar Rapids City Council representing the 3rd District.

Before joining Area Ambulance, Keith had a successful twenty year career in law enforcement. After leaving the police force, he worked on behalf of the US Department of Justice in Haiti – collaborating with an international team of law enforcement executives to establish Haiti’s first civilian police force. He spent 18 months in Haiti building a successful team. The team was made up of individuals from all over the world from many different backgrounds. By working together, Keith and his team built a police force of 7,500 with infrastructure throughout the country that is still successful to this day.

Throughout his career, Keith has been known as a team builder and change maker. His leadership skills have helped him gain the support of many in the community, who are supporting Keith as he begins his campaign.

Keith shares his reason for deciding to run for office is personal.

“People in Cedar Rapids come together to help one another like no other place I’ve lived. I experienced this generosity first hand during the flood of 2016. People I had never met before showed up by the dozens to help sandbag my home to protect it from the impending flood,” says Keith. “After the flood, I began to think…how could I give back to the city that has helped me so much? I am a candidate for Cedar Rapids City Council representing 3rd District, because I believe it is the best way I can serve our community.”

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